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Category: Market Information

  • Branded Residences

    Grand Marina Saigon is the first branded residences at Vietnam

    Branded Residences are attracting significant premiums in Asian cities, with price defferentials varying by up to 132% compared to generic luxury developments. A Branded Residence is any residential development where the developer partners with a premium brand to create a guarantee of quality and the promise of an exceptional living experience. The cache surrounding these […]

  • Grand Marina Saigon project

    Photo of Grand Marina Saigon project

    The name Grand Marina Saigon is derived from the unique scale, location and reputation of the project. Located in a place bearing historical and cultural mark, a unique location right on the Saigon River. The center of the center, holds an important connection position of life, culture and commercial values trade of Vietnam with the […]

  • Homestay Vietnam

    Homestay is staying at local homes, taking part in their activities, and living with them under the same roof. With this type of tourism, guests at homestays have their own freedom without supervision. On the other hand, host family (sponsor family), which is similar to homestay, has the supervision function that is normally needed for […]

  • Verosa Park

    Verosa Park Khang Dien District 9

    Orchestrate The sound of hapiness, VEROSA PARK – A complex of splendid Terraced Houses and Villas with high-class living space, bringing deep values and the sound of happiness to the elite community. The place elevating the level of living, marking milestones & reaching the pinnacle of success. With great delicacy and family values at heart, […]

  • Serenity Sky Villas

    Serenity Sky Villas

    Serenity Sky Villas is a highly unique project with a prime location in the “aristocratic” district of Saigon. For the first time, the traditional villa model has been stylized by SonKim Land across 17 floors, where each unit features a private pool and garden. Contemporary and tropical in style, Serenity Sky Villas creates an unforgettable […]