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Homestay is staying at local homes, taking part in their activities, and living with them under the same roof. With this type of tourism, guests at homestays have their own freedom without supervision. On the other hand, host family (sponsor family), which is similar to homestay, has the supervision function that is normally needed for guests under 18.

Because of the close contact with local natives, tourists shouldequip themselves with the knowledge of local culture, especiallytaboos to avoid potential problems.

When choosing a homestay, you are advised to carefullydouble-check the information or more preferably to get help from appropriate authorities or reliable well-known tourist companies tominimize risks.

Security is still an important factor to be concerned with. regardless of whatever you do, full attention should be paid to the safety of yourself and of other traveling companions

A some picture about Homestay Vietnam
A some picture about Homestay Vietnam

U nlike the form of tourism invacation resorts, in which tourists usually favor places with high-quality amenity. Homestay tourism providers select localhomes for tourists to stay for the lengthof the trip. It means that tourists will join all house hold activities with their host family from rest time, eating time,to entertainment. Based on tourists’ purposes, homestay tourism requires different forms or designs. But most of tourists choose the “three in one” form which mean “eating together, sleeping together, and playing together”.

In this form, tourists are very eager for a strict contact of the culture, people at the CHOSEN DESTINATIONS. Homestay brings real feelings to tourists when they directly take part in every daily activityof local people. Due to the sensitivity of this form of tourism and for the safety and security purposes, local homes which serve as homestays have to meet many requirements set forth by tourist companies or by General Directorate of Tourism in the host country.

Certainly, when choosing the homestay form of travelling, tourists are unlikely to feel the absolute comfort asthey could in resorts or hotels. Instead,they get new experience from the host family, which is different from eachother despite the fact that they areliving in the same locality.

Customers talk about Homestay

Sister Tu, a homestay tourist, reveals, ‘My husband and I have taken a homestay trip to Malaysia which has 5 main ethnic groups. We stayed withan Indian-Malaysian family last year. Our first impression was “Difference”. They were very different from us inevery aspect, especially in the habit of using hand to pick up food..

At first, we both felt very embarrassed but we then became comfortable and even enjoyableafter being explained about the customof eating with fingers and extremely high, religious spirit of Indians. Of course, living oversea, they can only preserve essential cultural practices while trying to integrate with the new community.

That trip left a very strong mark in our mind for 2 to 3 years later. And the most unforgettable impression is the spicy taste and strong smell of Indian curry dish, which we enjoyed in tears because of the unfamiliarity with the Indian mixed curry..”.

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