Sunshine Venicia

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Sunshine Venicia Apartment

Sunshine Venicia

Sunshine Venicia is particularly designed for high- class residents who have interest in the romantic, sophisticated and elegant gout of a dreamy Italy.

Sunshine Venicia Project

Local:No 34 & 39 Street., Binh An Ward., Dist 2.,HCMC
Developer:Sunshine Group
Total area:7092 m2
Construction Ratio38.2%
No. of Towers:01 Towers 26 storey
Components:Apartments, Retail, Sky Villas, Basement Carparking
Unit2 bedrooms: 72m2
3 bedrooms: 126m2
Furnishing condition:Fully Finished
Ownership:Freehold (Local), 50 years (Foreigners)
Handover:Estimated 3Q 2021

Unit Mix

Type of UnitsQuantityPercentageAverage total area (Sqm)Average net area (Sqm)
3-Br small5723%139.40127.49
3-Br large3816%166.08160.18
Sky Villa83%

Where is the Sunshine Venicia?

Located right next to “Thu Thiem new city”, in the villa compound area of Binh An ward – where is next to the Saigon River, bringing fresh air and creating green, classy and separate living space for home owners .

The project offers a direct view of the Saigon River and the panoramic view of the CBD, Thu Thiem and the entire east side of District 2.

Location of Sunshine Venicia District 2
Vị trí dự án Sunshine Venicia


The project offers only 245 limited condominium and Sky Villas, which is only reserved for the upper class and gout lifestyle.

This project in Saigon is able to select customers.


In Ho Chi Minh City, it is hard to find a second project, which has a unique and classy ground design like Sunshine Venicia.

  • Limited number of units per floor (2 units / floor – 11 units/ floor) & the standard numbers of lifts (1 unit / lift – 3 units / lift; Glass lift type, residents are able to view outside to enjoy the stunning interior view of the building)
  • There are 2 towers A and B
    • Building A: 10-11 units / floor.
    • Building B: 2 units / floor
  • The private passageway & standard wide corridor is expected from 1.8 m – 2.4m, will be designed as a small alley, could be a alley fully filled with flowers and grass, photo gallery alleys, etc. And only at Sunshine Venicia, the residents can enjoy such this space.
  • Hundreds of large and small gardens cover 258 apartments.
    • Flowers and trees are planted around the building’s outside and also inside the hallway like gardens hanging on each floor of the condo.
    • On ground, additional private gardens have a separate story about dreaming of Italy.


Special and classy design layout of Sunshine Venicia:

  1. Each room in the apartment has a view to look outside
  2. And between each apartment is a small garden, make homeowners feel like living in villas on the ground


  1. Royal Butler – The butler is dedicated to each condo;
  2. Caring, cleaning, maintaining apartments / gardens daily / periodically;
  3. Super luxury shuttle bus for each apartment;
  4. Book air tickets, book movie tickets;
  5. Caring for the elderly at home (there is always a button in the apartment connected to the care centre for the elderly);
  6. Transportation to and from school and after-school care;
  7. Cooking, party at home;
  8. High-class laundry service;
  9. Immediately repair apartments, electricity, water;
  10. Payment of utility bills directly on the App;

Feature of Sunshine Venicia Thu Thiem
Feature of Sunshine Venicia Thu Thiem

What are the facilities of Sunshine Venicia?

1. Breakthrough architecture, unlimited challenges, the existing Venicia by sky villas apartments – villas on not bear the mark of fashionable life. 

2. Where the employer can show a unique ego and pride upstream. 

3. Where vision embraces open panorama sky south and prosperous inspiring vitality full hydraulic Saigon River. 

4. Place the perfect balance between modern values and resort green space.

Floor Plans

Floor 4,7,10,14,16,19,22
Floor 5,6,8,9,11,12,15,17,18,20,21
Floor 25
Mặt bằng căn hộ Penthouse tầng 25
Floor 26
Mặt bằng penthouse sunshine venicia tầng 26

Sunshine Venicia apartment
Sunshine Venicia apartment

Sales Policy

Price for sale

About 7000 – 8000 usd/m2.

Payment schedule

InstallmentEstimated Time
1Sign DA
(after 7 days of deposit)
5%Included 10% VAT deduct VND 200 million deposit
2No later than … 20195%Included 10% VAT
3No later than … 20195%Included 10% VAT
4No later than … 20195%Included 10% VAT
5No later than … 20195%Included 10% VAT
6When signing SPA5%Included 10% VAT
72 months after signing SPA
5%Included 10% VAT
84 months after signing SPA5%Included 10% VAT
96 months after signing SPA5%Included 10% VAT
108 months after signing SPA5%Included 10% VAT
11Handover (estimated Q3/2021)
45%Included 10% VAT
12Pink book issued
5%Included 10% VAT

Shophouse Sunshine Venicia

Located in the upper class residential area of Mai Chi Tho St., in District 2.

Area:64m2 – 180m2
No. of Unit:19
Number of storey:1 or 2
Furnishing condition:Bare shell
Ownership:Freehold (Local), 50 years (Foreigners)
Price for sale:8000 usd to 9500 usd/m2

News Sunshine Venicia

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